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In fact, evolution far less accepted in the United States than in other advanced western countries.While this is not a specifically politically-based phenomenon it is far stronger among Republicans, where non-acceptance appears to be growing.In nature, where species must compete with each other for food and mating rights, only so many of them will be successful.

We can observe evolution in real time when we see speciation in effect, not to mention what we’ve learned through the study of DNA).It explains why fossils are arranged in the strata in the very order that they are, and how this correlates to modern fauna—even in terms of geography (for example, the evolution of modern apes is found in Africa, the only continent where apes exist).Evolution explains why organisms have such DNA and anatomical similarities.Therefore it is a “theory” because it explains these facts, which independently support evolution.What’s more, is that these factors have the capacity to dispel evolution.

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