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If you get responses but not the dates, change the way you communicate, with the apps it really is more about deciding whether or not you agree to meet each other, where, what are you planning to do… In short: don’t put too much effort into communicating via the app – it is about meeting.And that is perhaps the beauty of the apps vs online dating, where you spend hours and days of building the dialogue, connecting, then eventually meeting the person and… Here is the list of some of the apps that my clients have used and with some positive results: Bumble Created by past Tinder employees, Bumble puts women in charge.Technology has greatly changed the way people date and when singles go out, they want to have fun with their friends and not necessarily to meet someone.

This can be quite disheartening when trying to find a suitable match and may make you feel like an outsider.

Article by Olga Levancuka Yes, believe it or not, apps may be way forward to finding love over 50.

Why waste your time by going to the events or pay hefty fees by registering on online dating sites when your dream partner is literally a finger tap away, and often for free. On the first glimpse dating via apps is exciting, direct and provides you with that feeling of spontaneity and living dangerously. And the beauty of the apps is that the feedback and reaction is … You’ll get people either connecting with you or not. Get some dates booked in, ensure you meet in a place you know so that you are less nervous and also not particularly expensive in case you pay or share the bill or decide to cover the whole bill during your exit strategy.

If you are a woman who knows what she wants and is frustrated with numerous messages from men that sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, this is the platform for you.

Just like Tastebuds, Bumble is not built with an older audience in mind and is a very visual app so if you’re looking for a more gentle ‘getting to know you’ approach Bumble probably isn’t the best option for you. Happn is a dating app which has been variously described as both.

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