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Early in her career, she appeared in a Head & Shoulders commercial, where she was the plain girl with dandruff, and future pin-up girl Farrah Fawcett played the beautiful, flake-free girl.

Marshall studied math and psychology in college, but dropped out during her junior year upon her pregnancy.

The show was a huge success (though often painful to watch), but Marshall has sometimes said she did not feel she had earned it, because of all the strings pulled by her brother.

Co-star Williams walked off the set in 1976, when she thought Marshall was getting all the best lines, and two writers were fired.

Her mother frequently criticized Pennys appearance, which has been called simultaneously cute and plain.

Williams finally quit when the show's producers (including Marshall's brother) refused to write her pregnancy into the plot.1-rated show, which was, according to Marshall, "great for my career, not so great for my marriage." It happened that the show "Laverne & Shirley" pushed from the top spot was ..."All in the Family." "Laverne & Shirley's" success turned out to be a mixed bag in more ways than one.There are stories of Calvin Klein tearing up the dance floor at high school parties and of Marshall hanging out with John Belushi and smelling pillows for Steven Spielberg.In her pre-fame days, Marshall quickly learned she didn't fit the Hollywood stereotype when she co-starred in a Head & Shoulders shampoo commercial with a then-unknown blonde named Farrah Fawcett.

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She married the baby's father, Mike Henry, but they divorced a few years later.

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