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Major releases being Trainz, ) variant aimed more at Driving experiences using payware routes and scenarios like the rival Rail Simulator series ).In addition, in 2012 N3V leveraged off its MAC conversions to add offerings on both i Pad and Android OS based phones and hand-held Pad computers.Trainz 1.0 (the first 'Trainz Community is a Edition') was first released in the fall of 2001, after nearly three years of development after Microsoft's MSTS beat them into the market even as they'd started to distribute the Beta release 'Trainz 0.9'.The early design studies included various railroad hobby organizations on four continents, who continued in that role as the software reached maturity.Trainz began incorporating DRM with the introduction of Service Pack 1 to Trainz 12, released on April 10, 2013.The new DRM system requires periodic check-in with N3V's activation servers.Trainz is a series of 3D train simulator computer games originating in 2001, now controlled and offered by Australian game developer N3V Games (originally developed and marketed by Auran until 2007) utilizing the Auran Jet I, II, or III 32 bit computer based game engines.

It emulates the operation of a real-world DCC control knob that one might use on a physical model railroad (which is represented graphically on the screen), and is easy to understand in terms of operation.Concurrent with a human driver, the trains can be given instructions and driven by the computer (excepting the original Trainz Railroad Simulator), or one can aid the human driver when a session assigns an AI helper, who can program this aide on-the-fly in the middle of the simulation.Scenarios when speaking English, are pre-scripted activities in which the user plays through a specific set of challenges, such as transporting passengers to their destinations on schedule, or switching rail cars in a rail yard without damaging the cargo.As such, hills can become a struggle to climb or a problem to descend safely.In contrast to Cab mode, DCC is a simpler physics model.

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