Updating parish plan

Father John Neumann, who would eventually be canonized as a saint in 1977, visited the parish frequently to offer mass, hear confession and visit the sick.

He is still remembered today in the stain glass window in the front of our church. Our current church building was dedicated in August 1964.

Mary’s grounds, Mary and Hugo Loughrey, who donated a portion of their property to build the church.

Parishioners pass by this familiar tombstone even today as they enter the church from the west side.

The original log cabin church was torn down in 1867 and replaced by a brick structure that was dedicated under the title of St. We have had a cemetery on our sacred grounds since 1834.

The column will also carry details about what's happening in the area and we encourage the organisers of events to let us know, using the contact form, so we can provide further publicity for your activities. For a detailed list of all current members, please visit the councillors page. • The Parish Council regularly meet to discuss local issues • Support and encourage ongoing community engagement initiatives • Maintain devolved assets at a local level • Support the economic diversity and prosperity of the village • Review planning applications and make comment as appropriate RSS Feeds You can stay up-to-date with changes and new information in real time if you subscribe to our RSS Feeds; it's free and you don't have to disclose your email address.Our church building, cemetery, and school continue to thrive and grow due to the continued faith and steadfast commitment of the parish families who have been “on the top of this mountain” for over 175 years.In December of 2000 the Parish Pastoral Council of St.The most recent community plan was the 2011 – 2016 document available here.Representatives from Alston Moor Partnership, CAf S and Alston Moor Parish Council are about to start work on updating the most recent community plan to assist with actions for the next few years.

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