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To those who feel that they will never have a partner, husband or wife, I say never give up. I met my partner ten years ago; she supports me in every way and is not in the least bit concerned about my incontinence.

Posted by Optional on 01/08/2017 at I'm 17 and have had an ongoing issue with bed wetting for as long as I can remember.

I'm scared for the future and I hope I won't have to deal with this when I try and move on in life.

If anyone has succeeded at stopping this habit then I would really appreciate it if you could share it.

Over the years I have seen many doctors, consultants and specialists, none of whom have been able to come up with a reason for my incontinence, much less a cure.

I've tried just about every medication going without success (but far too many unpleasant side effects).

Wetting the bed at night (the medical term is enuresis) is more common in adults than you might think.

She tried all the disposable diapers,but got rashes from some of them.If your partner or friend has this issue it's best to try and understand it and realise it's not their fault.I have realised that the sleeping position can help, usually I have incidents whilst laying on my back or my front, I try to fall asleep on my side with my outer leg over the other (like I am crossing my legs) and this has sometimes helped.Surgery is not really a viable option since no cause can be identified.In my own mind I feel it is simply a matter of inherent weakness in the muscles which control my bladder, and possibly neurological problems as well, since I sometimes have little or no sensation of needing to urinate.

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