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She handed it over to me and said that’s for you from G for touching your ass and she laughed.

I wanted to throw it in her face and tell her am not a whore but i had to count the money first.

She was expecting me and was on her ipad loading the pics from yesterday at the club.

She asked me what it was I wanted earlier and i said nothing just wanted to catch up.

For example, the size of the penis when it is flaccid and erect are totally different.

The flaccid or "limp penis" look very different and this is something that many males fail to understand.

That is the reason why, with respect to these men, it is important to look at some of the evidence from medicine about this issue.

I asked her if this didn’t worry her and she asked me if I even knew were Nigeria was. in your first year you are allowed to play because you are young and no one fails first year. dont flaunt your money when you get home because they will ask where you get it then you will be stuck. You need a new wardrobe so am taking you shopping today. I had grown up with S so i trusted her and like she said it was my first year i needed to try new things.

I told her am going to put it in my room then i was coming back for we needed to talk.

I think going up to my room i literally ran in excitement. I was scared i would get robbed along the way for that’s what they say happens in Jozi and since i was not carrying a bag i put the money in my bra when i got to the elevator. I went to my room locked the door behind me and starting counting. According to S he had to pay for having touched my ass.

She then sat me down and apologized for throwing me in the deep end like that yesterday. She then told me if I wasn’t comfortable with it next time she will go with her friends just that she felt bad going out without me yesterday.

I told her I was fine and carefully avoided telling her that I saw her give Teddy Bear aka Gorilla a blowjob in the car.

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