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Aaron Holm, Blokable’s CEO, declined to discuss ongoing financial matters but said these investors all align with the company’s goals of making housing more affordable by disrupting the building process.

“Our mission is to make housing accessible and affordable for everyone, and we think to do that you need to make fundamental change in the process of how we build it,” Holm said.

“What everybody was investing in was our ability to start ramping up our output.” The company’s modular units are pre-fabricated in a warehouse in Vancouver, Wash.

Some of the company’s recent hires include former Expedia senior director of technology Sandy Anuras, who is the Blokable’s vice president of technology; award-winning architect Yassi Esmaili; Pic Monkey co-founder and engineer Justin Huff; and former Expedia engineer Jason Kim.Here's my latest resin creation, the Block 1 version of the Space Launch System.The kit is based on the Block 1 SLS-1000X configuration from the 'Space launch System Program Launch Vehicle Specification' document issued by NASA 26th Jan 2012, and uses a stretched version of the Shuttle External Tank as its core stage, with four RS-25 SSME engines and two 5-segment boosters.The units are already wired up when they arrive at the construction site, and customers have the option of adding basic or high-end finishes.Eventually Blokable plans to build everything from single-family homes, to accessory dwelling units that share property with existing homes, to market-rate apartment buildings, to affordable housing.

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