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There are also plans to introduce enrichment programmes like [email protected] aimed at encouraging coding and computational thinking from an early age to students so that they can contribute to Singapore’s national capability.The joint venture by IDA and MOE, Code for Fun, Enrichment Programme is offered to all primary and secondary schools to increase student’s exposure to coding and computational thinking.In 2004, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong introduced another idea as the next step under the Thinking Schools, Learning Nation umbrella Education spending rose to 3.6% of GDP in 2010, approximately 20% of total government expenditure and second only to defense.Singapore government effective manpower planning approach helps students to move faster into emergent sectors and reduces oversupply in declining sectors more quickly.The IDA is also planning to launch Play Maker Programme that will offer child-friendly, technology-enabled toys to promote tactile and more kinaesthetic experiences using gadgets.This is aimed at helping kids to explore and find creative solutions and to also encourage kids to work in small groups.Key elements of Singapore’s Education system are described below:• Alignment of the education system to economic development goals The strong link between education and economic development in Singapore has kept investment in education a central priority, made education policies highly pragmatic, led to high-quality mathematics and science and also to world-class vocational/technical education — an area where most countries fail.• Coherence of the education system Leaders with a bold long-term vision of the role of education in the society and economy are necessary for creating educational excellence.Generally there is a huge gap between policies and their implementation at the school level.

Singapore introduced the GROW package, particularly to promote teacher Growth, Recognition, Opportunity and Well-Being.

They do this by supporting the growth of innovative technology companies and start-ups in Singapore, liaising with leading global IT companies and also developing exceptional IT and telecommunications infrastructure, policies and capabilities for Singapore.

For example IDA launched Infocomm Talent Portal which is a one-stop Infocomm Educational and Career Resource Portal.

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) promotes the adoption of infocomm technology as a key enabler to enhance Singapore’s economic competitiveness.

It actively works to develop IT and telecommunications within Singapore.

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Under this programme the fees for student’s training and purchase of education kits are heavily subsidized by IDA i.e.

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