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If you're living in Connecticut and looking for discreet sex with others, is an adult personals website that can help you hookup tonight.Unique geo-location browsing, along with photo sharing, messaging and video chatting, makes perfect for discovering new locals.And it might also cause some problems with your custody of your children.“I would caution the client in terms of custodial issues down the road that it is not good judgment if you start having a trail of people through your house,” agreed Judy Poller, partner and co-chair of the Family Law Group at Pryor Cashman LLP, a Manhattan-based law firm. And I would be concerned if there were such issues between the parents that there was always going to be a concern about whether there could be good joint decision making regarding the kids.” Even if it isn’t a revolving door of men or women running through your bedroom, it makes a difference.Schreier, 37, a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant professor of the Chicago School based in Illinois, who has a background in forensics and works within the court system with custody evaluations. And we just had a case where an ex-husband came back and contested because his ex-wife hadn’t told the truth about the fact she was dating one man, and he had stayed over the house, spent weekends together and the kids were in his constant company.We had to reevaluate.” While it doesn’t do much good to lie to the courts about having a significant relationship, especially during separation, it might be even worse to keep it from your soon-to-be- ex, especially if that person has control issues.“Yes, be careful and mindful because you are still in that relationship especially if you live in what was the shared residence,” says Schreier, who also specializes in dealing with relationships between controlling spouses and their partners. If you were married to a possessive and jealous man, you don’t want him to walk in on you with someone else. If he is a controlling person, this will inflame him and could possibly lead to rage and violence directed against you.

“For the control-freak-soon-to-be-ex-husband, it can create heavy duty jealousy issues,” Martin says.He grew up in Laurel, Mississippi the son of Rex Broadway and Dorothy (Bustin) Broadway. He majored in film and television at the University of Southern Mississippi and transferred to the University of North Texeas where he completed his studies.Taquanee' has always been determined to never give up, even with her academics.“It’s never a good idea, but not even for the moral reasons or even the kids.I am thinking of it from a litigious point of view.

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“If there are children involved, overnight guests are a no-no,” says Kathy Stafford, 50, relationship coach and author of Relationship Remorse.

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