Scout taylor compton and andy sixx dating

Juliet Simms has a large snake tattoo on her left leg that starts right below her knee and goes down to her ankle.It covers the small treble clef on her ankle which was her first tattoo at age 15.Andy has “Dragonfly” tattooed on his left hand, which is his nickname for Juliet; and she has her nickname for Andy, “White Rabbit,” tattooed on her right hand.The T’s are replaced with upside down crosses, which are a symbol for Andy.Juliet jokes that the top symbol looks like a drunk smiley face.Andrew Dennis Biersack Andy, Andy Sixx, Andy Black, The Prophet Capricorn Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Andy attended a Catholic elementary school in his hometown.

She told Inked Magazine: "All my tattoos are completely original.

She is obsessed with snakes and calls her fans “Snakeys.” On her right thigh, Juliet has some of her own lyrics.

It says “Anticipation is killing me when butterflies have knives cutting up my insides,” which comes from an unreleased Automatic Loveletter song called “Someday.” The letters are stacked vertically and after the last words are the Japanese symbols for love and pain in red ink.

They are well thought-out and something I design and work out with the artist." Juliet Simms and pal Julianne Hope got matching finger tattoos in April 2015.

Both girls have the word “fire” written in cursive on the insides of their index fingers, but Juliet opted for red ink while her friend chose black. New tattoo by the incredible @robertatkinson_tattoo 🙌 I love it Robert thank you!!

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Singer, songwriter Ozzy bassist Rob “Blasko” Nicholson.

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