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This was reflected in the firm's name, which became E. By the mid-1850s, his two other sons, Samuel and Eliphalet III, had also joined the company, and the name changed yet again. Remington and Sons also manufactured plows, mowing machines, cotton gins, and firefighting equipment. The business expanded through the 1850s, and handgun production began in 1857 with the introduction of the Remington-Beals pocket revolver.

In later years, their product line expanded to include bicycles, sewing machines, and typewriters. In addition, Remington took over a defaulted contract from another manufacturer for the production of 5,000 U. The coming of the Civil War naturally brought about a dramatic increase in the demand for firearms, and Remington's production also increased to keep pace.

These rifles were made to compete with Colt and Winchester slide-action designs. S.) Model 25 Slide-Action Tube-Magazine Rifle (repeater/ breech-loading/ black powder/ cartridge ammunition) Made to compete with Colt, production of these rifles began in about 1885. When the Civil War broke out, the company grew quickly as wartime need arose, and Remington became and remained a leading arms maker. His father, Eliphalet Remington, moved his family from Connecticut to the Mohawk River Valley in 1800, where he cleared enough land for a small farm, built a two-room cabin that was later replaced by a larger home, and, along with others who had also moved to the region from Connecticut, established the town of Litchfield. The younger Remington had the opportunity to examine various long arms that were owned by local residents, and in 1816, he decided that he was capable of manufacturing a good rifle barrel.

Their design was improved upon until 1910, and production continued as a smokeless powder gun. This he proceeded to do, and he took the finished product to a local gunsmith for boring and rifling.

Remington's involvement in the manufacture of completed firearms came in 1848, when the company received a contract for the completion of 1,000 Jenks breechloading carbines for the U. During this period, the company manufactured both .36 and .44 caliber revolvers, as well as Model 1863 Percussion Contract Rifle, popularly known as the "Zouave" rifle.

The post-war years brought smaller pocket pistols and deringers, the Remington-Smoot metallic cartridge pistols, Remington Single Action Army revolvers, rolling block rifles and pistols, slide, autoloading, and hammerless shotguns, and the Remington-Hepburn falling block rifles.

In 1896, Winchester sold its stake in Remington to Hartley.

Each partner had an equal share of the firm, which was renamed Remington Arms Co., with Hartley serving as president and Thomas Bennett of Winchester assuming the role of vice president.

Eliphalet Remington II died in 1861, at which time Philo took over management of the company.

Samuel died in 1882, and Philo purchased his share in the company. Remington & Sons had experienced serious downturns, and the company went into receivership.

During the 20th century, Remington has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality sporting arms, especially with upland game and bird hunters.

The company also did its part during two World Wars as a manufacturer of military arms and munitions.

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These rifles were modified by cutting the receiver wall to accommodate an ejection port, and the replacement of the bolt with a semi-automatic assembly that accepted a 40-round stick magazine loaded with the .30 caliber Pedersen, a pistol-class cartridge.

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