Red eye online dating

If your love interest has no online presence and you suspect that their profile is fake, use Google’s reverse image search to double check their background.

While you have to be on your guard when you’re dating online, if there’s a small chance you can find love, the struggle might just be worth it!

If the weather won’t cooperate or you’d still prefer an indoor shot, look for an area that gets a lot of natural light from a window.

Most of my clients have run into temporary ghosting while dating online and it is almost always a harbinger of bad news.

If they share a series of stories about bad dates and sour relationships, you may want to consider that they’re the common denominator in each of these equations. If their life seems unrealistic, they’re probably lying about one or more details.

Research suggests that the most common lies may be relatively harmless (fibs about height, weight, build, age and income), but some online daters are more brazen when it comes to stretching the truth.

If they’re really interested in finding a partner, they’ll take a few minutes to share some details about both themselves and what they seek in a partner.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a few simple words can paint a much clearer picture of the person behind the filtered images.

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For your primary photo, a headshot is great, but do include other photos that show more of what you look like.

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