Pros and cons of dating multiple men

So much so that from December 2016 to January 2017, the number of Tinderellas and Tinderfellas increased by 11 percent, the company says.

For New Yorkers, the main plus is the sheer number of people on Tinder in the city.

So the possibilities for matches seem endless, and the likelihood of singles your age or type being on the app are nearly guaranteed.

Also, when it comes to Tinder, you can't be sure what other users is looking for: a hookup, a relationship or simply someone to talk to.

Cons: This app may hit close to home for some users.

You might not want to accidentally see your entire building, or the person you made too much eye contact with at your coffee shop, show up on your screen.

This may lead to some more frustration in terms of a lack of responses from matches.

Also, for those interested in the same sex, there's no advantage in getting a Bumble account, which works the same as Tinder in this scenario.

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