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' Survivor brings together people from such different backgrounds, from such different upbringings.Plus, people's feelings and popularity come into play.' My first impression was, ' This is weird. '' said Calderon, who created a quick video with the help of a fellow pro volleyball player.Two days after that, CBS called back and told Calderon he was among the 50 finalists—from literally thousands of applications—for Survivor, 'yet I was still very skeptical.' The final interview process was a 12-day, high-intensity, super-secretive, well-organized event at a Southern California hotel.' Being the fourth eliminated really stunned a lot of people, including me.It really messes with your mind when you get voted off.After being eliminated, Calderon said he, 'started eating like food was going out of business, like there's going to be no more food left on earth because that's the way you kind of felt when you were out there.' Calderon's road to the Cook Islands started literally out of the blue in Hollywood, Calif., after breakfast one day with some friends.That's when a CBS recruiting coordinator approached Calderon's table, where he sat with a friend.

He confirmed his sexuality to the world this past February, long after getting voted out of the Survivor tribe. All of my friends, the volleyball world, absolutely everybody has been supportive. ' Some of my friends even joked, ' It's about time; we've known for the longest time.' ' I've gotten so many letters saying how much of an inspiration it was that I came out. He was the fourth voted off the Cook Islands, long before many so-called Survivor experts and even some CBS executives predicted. He just didn't come out; he didn't really know how to, and was convinced he'd never come out and actually would get married—to a woman. Calderon has known for years that he was gay, even while in high school.He said the process, and Dickinson, were fun, but they did have the models drop their modesty, and be naked, and in their underwear constantly.He was called back in episode 2 and eventually signed to the agency.

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Calderon is also signed to KULT Model Agency in Germany. In October 2013, he became engaged to his longtime boyfriend Julz Heaney, in Hawaii.

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