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It seems, carrying a piece of technology called cell phone allows people to act like cavemen.A very recent World Health Organisation report says cell phone radiation can cause brain cancer.Atrocious cell phone manners are spreading across the globe like an epidemic.For all the good that cell phones have brought us, there is a downside.But I recently saw a lady do it with her Blackberry during a memorial service in Kolkata.At first I thought it must be a matter of great urgency or else why would anyone attend to a cell phone during a Shraddhanjali Sabha.--- Sundeep Bhutoria is a man with a mission – to make meaningful contribution to the betterment of society and to promote Indian art and culture at home and abroad.Born in Churu in the Shekhawati region of India’s desert state of Rajasthan, Sundeep is very well known in the social, literary, diplomatic and the political circles in India.

He is closely associated with many social welfare organisations and trusts.

People have reacted strongly against police action," Sen said.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata in her very own words had said about Mr Bhutoria --- “He is a boy with a different vision altogether”.

When the air hostess requested him twice to turn it off, his parents, instead of helping him do so, were gloating and giggling at their tender-aged son's public display of nerdy intelligence.

Little did they realise how their son was missing out on one of life's most important lessons – Good manners.

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She was too busy to countenance a show of respect to the departed soul.

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