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In preparation for this I've started reading books of ancient history again, starting with this one, Sexual Life in Ancient Greece, by "Hans Licht" (actually, Professor Paul Brandt).If you're looking for something salacio I used to work for the Ares Press and functioned as an editor of their vetted journal, The Ancient World.

We will read some of Ovid's Heroides, fictional verse-letters written by heroines of Greek myth to their unfaithful lovers; a selection of love poetry ranging from Sappho to Roman elegy, in which erotic desire is represented as physical distress, as madness and disease; and Longus' second-century novel, Daphnis and Chloe, an ironic and playful study of human maturation and sexuality.

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Specialists call these scenes of men in fancy dress Anakreontic, after the poet Anakreon, who came to Athens from East Greece in the late 500s B. Such clothing was worn in the Greek colonies on the coast of Turkey and in the neighboring kingdom of Lydia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017, 163-164, fig.

Scholars argue that the adoption of such dress for symposia, or drinking parties, was part of a larger infiltration of East Greek art and ideas into Athenian culture beginning in the 520s B. Others have interpreted these men in feminine attire in the context of rituals for Dionysos, the wine-god associated with the blurring of conventions. "Artists' Signatures on Archaic Greek Vases from Athens." In Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece, edited by K.

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Translation of volumes 1-2 of Sittengeschichte Greichenlands. I used to work for the Ares Press and functioned as an editor of their vetted journal, The Ancient World.

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