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Way back in the day,when I was a coke head and party boy extraordinaire , I made two lame sex videos with a low rent pornographer in Orlando.

Thank god they never turned up,though I wasnt ashamed of doing them I realize now thats not who I really was. I wonder if this poor boy will feel the same way in 30 years,or will he spend all his life being a sex sleaze. I enjoy porn, but seeing this guy working on stage seemingly mindless and unaware, made me feel a sadness for him.

*squeals at the Total Cuteness Overload*[quote]Horrible. Hetero or homosexual, public sex in front of an audience is kind of sad and twisted.

It pales in comparison to those who think they have some kind of superior authority to judge other people.

I have no one in my life, at 36, that I would show that too. He needed some guidance and all he got was people who wanted to use him. He should have spent some of his money on acting lessons. That's great, except raising horses takes money and dedication.

I thought Brent had fallen in love with another porn star and they were living out in the desert somewhere riding horses and shit - was that the same guy? Yes, it is definitely a bare fuck; since they are dating I assume that they are both informed of each other's STD status.

Two other guys watched and it is something I still get off thinking about almost 20 years later. R59, R60 don't apologise you have invented a new term: predator paedophile = predophile Perfect to describe some DLers especially the ones lurking around certain threads like Shawn Mendes's, Tom Daley's, Harry Style's, etc...

I was a cute little twink and stupid and would never do it again but damn if that doesn't make horny thinking about. When I was young and dumb and cute and drinking too much, I had my share of random hookups and one-night stands.

I fear that he may end up like other porn actors (Rhodes) who's trail ended in death. It's a highly sexually charged environment (duh), and I've enjoyed a good bit of group sex there, something that's not easy to witness or participate in elsewhere.

And no, prissies, no STDs gotten or given by/to me.

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