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I guess the adult senior males that have it together are swamped by available females and do not need to be out searching! I would also like to find a female who share some of my interests, but it seems taht so many women my age are not really active, so I amhaving difficulity there.

I am a very outgoing person and reaerely meet a stranger, but i am frustrated by my inability to get a social life going here. Thank God I have family here and I have my career and many hobbies to keep me occupied and happy!

Maybe you need to find reasons to shop at the local hardware store.

My doctor's nurse asked me what I was doing since I retired and my answer was a lot of shopping.

My mom moved here from Boise and is missing her old "Cheers type" of hangout. Our menu has a wide appeal with a very definite spotlight on beef.

Where there is a small bar, older people, maybe a sandwich for lunch and mixed drinks. We cook ou Another place with an older crowd is Eddie's Place near Cotswold.

In Matthews there is an active Habitat for Humanity group - lots of men there Spend a few hours on a Saturday hammering some nails and you might be surprised how nice those working around you are.we were born in one country as it were and find ourselves living in a very different one.we never moved its just every thing around us changed. just because something is valuable to most does not mean that the potentional partner standing in front of you is looking for these qualities.I would recommend you visit Forest Hills on Park Rd some Sunday - not your typical boring church service, that's for sure.David Chadwick is their minister and he is a riviting speaker. it is a strange perception shared by many of my older friends.

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I know others have used these terms in placing blame for their lack of success in dating.

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