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Now, after you wasted your time reading that intro, let's get down to the real important stuff.Disclaimer: I am no longer a wrestling fan in the sense that I simply don't watch it anymore. The product is just so wasteful that I'm ashamed to think that I once refused to miss Monday Night Raw or Nitro. Not to say that one shouldn't like wrestling at 24, but when the product gets bad and you get older, it's inevitable that you end up sticking to more traditional sports.ORIGINALLY THE TOTAL READ COUNT FOR THIS ARTICLE WAS OVER 2,000 READS AS OF MAY 2013)If you want to put on a match that will probably steal the show, you can take these two wrestlers and almost guarantee it.Rey Misterio is arguably the greatest high flyer of his generation, and Ricky Steamboat was a high flyer in a time where high flying wasn't really common at all.HBK was just as good at carrying his opponent to make a great match.Now, imagine both of these egos trying to carry each other and make sure they put on the show of a lifetime. The Rock will job to Michaels because the fans will want it.The rattlesnake's relentlessness against Lesnar's awesome power and surprisingly good agility.

Note: I realize this piece is not the first of its kind, I imagine it has been done a few times before, but this is my version and I know that these matches would all be classics.(DUE TO A GLITCH IN THE B/R SYSTEM, THE TOTAL READ COUNT FOR THIS ARTICLE WAS ERASED.

Time flies regardless of what you find yourself doing. It was my most successful piece to date in terms of number of reads it received, and for that, I thank all wrestling fans for taking the time to read my article.

It means a lot considering there are an endless number of articles written for B/R every day, and for that, I am highly appreciative.

Unfortunately, this one will surely never happen, and it never should happen at this point.

But having both guys in their primes facing off, one could only wish.

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