Dating waltham antique pocket watch

For example if the serial number was 734,967 then the year of manufacture would be 1874.

With this knowledge you are now in a much better place to help determine its value.

Let me start with some real basics which are nonetheless still very important.

Certain things have a dramatic impact on the value of your watch and these include: Does the watch actually work?

Right now gold is extremely valuable and you can get a lot of money just for that. Price of gold Ok, so now we need to try and determine the actual value of your Waltham pocket watch.Now try typing the type of watch and the year into somewhere like e Bay and you will see other watches that are similar and will give you an indicative value.Please remember that this is just a rough estimate and is no real indicator of true value, but it is a very good starting point.I would however strongly recommend if it is an old watch that you take it and get it properly evaluated by an expert as it will certainly be worth your while.Thanks for reading this article on Waltham pocket watches.

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