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To me, it takes away the simplicity and the beauty of just that one pedal with three knobs.

I like to mix and match and I like the freedom of that."Talking to all three men, there's a sense that it's a pinch-yourself thing that they've wound up making MXR pedals; that it's not just another brand with a bit of heritage to tip a nod to - but rather like they're finally getting to drive a car they admired as kids.

Although its reputation was founded on rugged reliability, the company has always been forward-looking in terms of tones, too.

We talk to Jimmy Dunlop, Jeorge Tripps and Bob Cedro to find out what the future holds...

It's a revealing admission that illustrates how MXR shook up the world of pedals back in the 70s.Thousands of young players were blown away by the tornado of phaser-drenched overdrive that Eddie Van Halen unleashed with MXR's Phase 90, which rapidly became an iconic effect.Four decades on, the block-colour enclosures of those early MXR pedals still look modern, minimal and cool, but a lot's changed too.Today, Tripps designs new effects for both Way Huge [which has since been bought by Dunlop] and MXR, with the result that some of Way Huge's quirkiness has seeped into MXR's pedals, too, with the blessing of Jimmy Dunlop, son of Dunlop Manufacturing's founder Jim Dunlop."I gotta say, Jeorge coming in eight years ago...he was kind of the missing spice in our killer stew of creativity," Jimmy reflects."Because he did Way Huge and then he did Line 6, and then he said to me, 'Jimmy I don't want to do digital anymore, can I come work there, and let's do some amazing analogue effects?

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