Dating bad teeth

thanks you guys......allison.......i'm not sure were you live but in texas there is not much.....i live 40 miles from the dental school and have put in 4 app.

I really get pissed when people **** and moan because of there position in life. After bad breath, which ranked number one at 31.3 percent; survey participants ranked crooked, yellow and missing teeth as the biggest turn-offs associated with a potential date.Bad teeth were so undesirable, in fact, they outranked unkempt appearances, bad personalities and foul body odor.A recent survey suggests that teeth may be the most important physical characteristic when it comes to attracting a romantic partner.Among other things, the survey revealed that over six in ten respondents said they look at a person’s teeth before anything else when first meeting.

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In 95 I had a tooth crack in half because of my wisdom teeth coming in.

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