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And, I saw at least one thousand penises.” I, too, had another meaningful exchange, one that ended in a little bit of heartbreak.

When a young Asian man popped up on screen wearing a white bathrobe and ear buds, I figured this was more of the same. The young man said he was a 26-year-old computer engineer living in Taiwan, up at a.m.

Last Friday night I had the most awesome conversation on Chat Roulette.

And I only had to click through five naked dudes to get there!

I offered sympathy to a woman who had a bad head cold.

I provided feedback to an aspiring poet in Australia.

“I kept a single mother in Chile company while she folded laundry.

“Chat Roulette is also a veritable cornucopia of imagery of gloomy attic bedrooms, hopelessly cluttered dorm rooms, gigantic collectible displays, and bad pajamas,” my awesome and anonymous chat partner wrote. The proportion of utter morons to insightful people is, sadly, similar.” My awesome chat partner said he’d logged around 18 hours on Chat Roulette, and in my comparatively short time, I agree with his assessment.

What’s more, image after poorly-lit image of people, eyes glassy and jaws slack, can be more depressing than all the dude junk you have to wade through to find them. Some who’ve used the site compare it to the early days of the Internet where you jump in and anything can happen.

At least on Facebook and Twitter, you don’t have to look at the people you don’t really know. Even if you’re completely dressed, you’re still exposed.

We exchanged the opening lyrics at the beginning of “Bad Romance,” and he showed me his “Poker Face” expression.

In the last half hour he told me he was sad because it was the first Chinese New Year without his mother, who had passed away from cancer a month before.

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