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Now Prince of Dhump Hi Rajat, I'm using different combination now. Apart from that i'm using these events for combobox so if a column is not clicked by mouse still it will ask.The Dev Express Win Forms Grid (Xtra Grid) control enables you to check the validity of data entered by end-users before posting this data to the underlying data source.For this purpose, the control raises specific events for validating modified cells/editors and rows.Such events allow you to prohibit saving incorrect data to the bound data source, and indicate the reason for the error to the end-user.

When an end-user modifies a value in an embedded editor and tries to save the changes (for instance, by pressing the ENTER key or by moving focus to another cell), the grid control performs editor validation.

This document provides information related to validating cells/editors.

For information on validating rows, refer to the Validating Rows section.

First, the value is validated automatically by the editor itself. Validating Editor event is raised, which allows you to control the editor's value validity.

You can handle this event to provide your validation criteria.

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