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By evening, thousands gathered on the avenue to protest police actions. Many stayed until the police cleared them without incident on July 6.

After an internal inquiry into the July 23 incidents, one officer was demoted and eight received reprimands for failure to demonstrate restraint.

Authorities opened an investigation into allegations that some witnesses were pressured to testify against Karen Kurngurtsev, whose murder trial was ongoing at time of writing, but refused to investigate Kurngurtsev’s allegations that police ill-treated him after his arrest in 2013.

Although Armenia has taken significant steps to correct long-standing problems with military service, including by providing for alternative service for conscientious objectors, Armenian rights groups reported that violence among conscripts and a high number of non-combat deaths remain concerns.

Police detained more than 200 demonstrators and held them for most of the day before releasing them without charge.

In at least two cases, police refused access to lawyers.

The committee documented 19 cases of violence against journalists in 2015, including 13 during the June Electric Yerevan protests, and, aside from the reprimands noted above, reported that no one was held responsible for any of the attacks.

Harutyunyan and activist Vardanyan alleged that police beat them following their detention.

Authorities continue to curtail media pluralism, and impunity for attacks on journalists, including by the police, remains the rule.

The Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression reported that if the law on television and radio remains unchanged, provisions will take effect in January 2016 limiting each region to one television station, and at least 10 stations will have to close.

Authorities in several cases interefered with freedom of assembly in 2015, including by force. In September, Smbat Hakobian, of the Alliance of Freedom Fighters, an independent group critical of the government, was savagely beaten by several men he did not know, after a protest march.

Police had charged three suspects in an investigation ongoing at time of writing.

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